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    • *Breakfast

    • Bacon & Egg Burger


      Crispy bacon, fried egg, rocket and BBQ sauce

    • Big Breakfast


      Bacon, chipolata chorizo sausage, tomato, mushroom, hash-brown on ciabatta

      with your choice of eggs: Fried, poached or scrambled

    • Eggs Benedict


      Ham and poached eggs on ciabatta with in-house made hollandaise sauce

      Add smashed Avo $3

      Add bacon $4

      Add smoked salmon $5

    • Eggs Your Way (v)


      Fried, poached or scrambled on ciabatta

      Check our available sides

    • Fruit Toast (v)


      With butter and your choice of condiments: Marmalade, strawberry jam, peanut butter

    • Homemade Granola (v)


      With passionfruit yoghurt, berries, puffed quinoa and milk

    • Pancakes (v)


      Comes with cream and your choice of: Mixed Berries, banana or golden syrup

      Add bacon $4

    • Pesto Mushrooms


      Mushrooms toasted in pesto with feta and spinach on ciabatta

    • Salmon Eggs Hollandaise (v)


      Smoked salmon, spinach and poached eggs on ciabatta with in-house made hollandaise sauce

      Add smashed Avo $3

      Add bacon $4

    • Smashed Avocado (v)


      On ciabatta with fried capers, feta and cherry tomatoes

      Add Poached egg $4

    • Toast (v)


      Ciabatta with butter and your choice of condiments: Vegemite, marmalade, strawberry jam, peanut butter

    • *Breakfast Sides

    • Avocado

    • Bacon

    • Beans

    • Chipolata

    • Egg (fried, poached, scrambled)

    • Haloumi

    • Hashbrown

    • Mushrooms

    • Smoked Salmon

    • Tomato

    • *Sides

    • Beer Batter Fries


      Served with tomato ketchup - Exclusive to our Hillarys store

    • Bruschetta


      Spanish onion, cherry tomatoes, feta, fresh basil, drizzled with balsamic glaze and basil oil. Served on ciabatta (2)

    • Buffalo Chicken Wings


      Served with chips and a creamy home-made blue cheese dressing

    • Crispy Sweet Potato


      Served with homemade tomato sauce - Exclusive to our Hillarys store

    • Garlic Bread


      Served on a fresh Turkish roll

    • Potato Wedges


      With sweet chilli and sour cream sauce

    • Salt & Pepper Squid


      Served with home-made tartare and cocktail sauce

    • Share Plate


      Chorizo, olives, marinated feta, ciabatta bread with balsamic and EVOO

    • *Salads

    • Caesars


      Lettuce, anchovies, parmesan, bacon, crutons, caesar creamy dressing, parsley.

    • Garden (GF)


      Lettuce, tomato, capsicum, onion, salad dressing, parsley.

    • Greek (GF)


      Tomato, cucumber, red onion, kalamata olives, oregano, fetta, extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, parsley.

    • Grilled Haloumi & Tomato


      Tomato, red onion, haloumi, extra virgin olive oil, balsamic glaze, parsley.

    • Pumpkin & Cashew


      Roasted pumpkin, lettuce, parmesan, creamy dressing, cashews, parsley.

    • Rocket & Walnut


      Toasted walnuts, pear, blue cheese, drizzled with balsamic glaze

    • Kids Menu

    • BBQ


      Shaved ham, mozzarella & BBQ sauce

    • Hawaiian


      Tomato sauce base with shaved ham, mozzarella & pinapple

    • Margherita


      Tomato sauce base with mozzarella

    • Nuggets & Chips


      Served with tomato sauce

    • Pepperoni


      Tomato sauce base with mozzarella and pepperoni

    • Spaghetti Bolognese


      Spaghetti in bolognese sauce topped with parmesan

    • Spaghetti Napolitana


      Spaghetti in a tomato sauce base topped with parmesan

    • *Mains

    • Chicken Parmigana


      Served with chips and salad

    • Chilli Mussels


      Fresh mussel cooked in garlic, chilli, wine and napolitana sauce

    • Scotch Fillet


      Choice of mushroom or pepper sauce and served with chips and salad

    • *Pasta

    • Crayfish Linguine (Seasonal)


      Linguine with crayfish, chilli, garlic, cherry tomatoes, basil in an olive oil base

    • Fettuccine Carbonara


      Fettuccine in a cream sauce with bacon, onion, topped with parmesan and parsley.

    • Fettuccine Vegetarian


      Fettuccine with mushrooms, red capsicum, onion, in a tomato sauce or cream sauce, topped with parmesan and parsley.

    • Fettuccini Polo Broccoli


      Chicken, broccoli, basil pesto in a cream sauce with pine nuts.

    • Linguine Gamberi


      Fresh prawns, onion, garlic, avocado in a creamy tomato sauce.

    • Penne Arrabiata


      Tomato, olives, Italian sausage, garlic, chilli and fresh basil.

    • Penne Matriciana


      Penne served with bacon and Napolitana sauce with a touch of chilli

    • Spaghetti Bolognese


      Spaghetti in bolognese sauce, topped with parmesan and parsley.

    • Spaghetti Marinara


      Spaghetti with fresh seafood cooked in garlic, Italian herb and tomato

    • Spaghetti Puttanesca with Prawns


      Spaghetti with prawns, olives, capers, anchovies, chilli and tomato

    • Tortellini Milano


      Tortellini filled with beef in a roast capsicum, chicken, eggplant and a creamy tomato sauce

    • *Meat Pizzas

    • Aloha

      LC $19 | BC $25

      Shaved ham, sauce, mozzarella, pineapple pieces, parsley.

    • Arrabiata (gf available)

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Sauce, garlic, mozzarella, prosciutto, Italian sausage, red capsicum, olive, chilli flakes, parsley

    • BBQ

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Bacon, shaved ham, mozzarella, chicken, pepperoni, BBQ sauce, parsley.

    • Greek Lamb (gf available)

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Corrigin free range lamb, mozzarella, semi-caramelized onions, fetta, treacle, kalamata olives, rosemary, tzatiki, garlic, parsley, lemon wedge.

    • Green Eggs & Ham

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Mozzarella, shaved ham, spinach, lightly whisked egg in cream, garlic, whole egg mayonaise, parsley.

    • Italian (gf available)

      LC $20 | BC $26

      Pepperoni, capsicum, mozzarella, onion, sauce, olives, sliced tomato, garlic, parsley.

    • Oka

      LC $18 | BC $25

      Bacon, sauce, mozzarella, parsley.

    • Pisagne

      LC $20 | BC $26

      Lasagne sheets, bolognaise sauce, mozzarella, parmesan, parsley.

    • Pork Belly (The Ultimate) (gf available)

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Slow roasted pork belly, garlic, mozzarella, braised white onions, dijon mustard whip.

    • Pork Star (gf available)

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Free range Linley Valley pork mince, caramelized onion, cream sauce, garlic, parsley.

    • Roman Empire (gf available)

      LC $20 | BC $26

      Italian sausage, sauce, mozzarella, grilled eggplant, ricotta, parsley.

    • Speck & Peas

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Speck (pork-bacon), garlic peas, mozzarella, cream sauce, parsley.

    • Tabasco

      LC $20 | BC $26

      Jalapenos, sauce, pepperoni, bacon, olives, mozzarella, capsicum, tabasco sauce, parsley.

    • The Max (The Lot)

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Sauce, mozzarella, shaved ham, bacon, mushroom, pepperoni, capsicum, sliced tomato, pineapple pieces, onion, kalamata olives, parsley.

    • White Rocks Roast (gf available)

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Mondos famous veal, mozzarella potato, cream sauce, onion, parmesan, oregano, parsley.

    • *Chicken Pizzas

    • Birds of Tokyo (gf available)

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Teriyaki chicken, sesame seeds, mozzarella, pickled cucumber, Japanese mayonaise, parsley.

    • Cashew Chicken (gf available)

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Mushroom, cashews, chicken, onion, mozzarella, cream sauce, parsley.

    • CBGB (gf available)

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Sauce, mozzarella, garlic, chicken, seeded mustard, brazil nuts, capsicum, onion, pumkin.

    • Chicken & Leek

      LC $20 | BC $26

      Chicken, leek, bacon, mozzarella, cream sauce, thyme, garlic, parsley.

    • Chicken BBQ Plate

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Slow roasted chicken, garlic, treacle, mozzarella, caramelized onions, sticky smokey BBQ sauce, parsley.

    • Chicken Fettuccine

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Sun-dried tomato, fettuccine, cream sauce, chicken, bacon, parmesan, mozzarella, parsley.

    • Chicken Satay

      LC $20 | BC $26

      Mozzarella, cashews, chicken, capsicum, onion, mushroom, satay sauce, coconut milk.

    • Chicken Siesta

      LC $21 | BC $26

      Mexican salsa, mozzarella, chicken, sliced tomato, capsicum, chilli flakes, parsley.

    • Cinnamon Girl (gf available)

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Cinnamon, chicken, sultanas, sweet potato, mozzarella, cream sauce, balsamic glaze, parsley.

    • Little Birdy (gf available)

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Mozzarella, turkey, onion. Brie cheese, cranberry sauce, parsley.

    • Nathan & Nat (gf available)

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Chicken, prosciutto (pork), mozzarella, roasted red capsicum, pine nuts, roasted pumkin, cream sauce, parsley.

    • Portuguese Chicken (gf available)

      LC $20 | BC $26

      Chicken, mozzarella, onion, roasted red capsicum, peri peri sauce, parsley.

    • Red Chicken Curry

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Mozzarella, chicken, onion, roasted sweet potato, red curry sauce, coconut milk, parsley.

    • Roast Chicken Burrito (gf available)

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Achiote (Mexican Paprika), marinated chicken, spicey tomato salsa, beans marinated in garlic, mozzarella, red onions, cherry tomato, avacado.

    • Tri-Beca

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Roasted chicken, speck bacon, spinach, cream sauce, garlic, mozzarella, shaved provolone (cheese), parsley.

    • *Seafood Pizzas

    • Creamy Satay Prawns

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Prawns, roasted red capsicum, onion, mozzarella, cashews, coconut milk, satay sauce, parsley, lemon wedge.

    • Flaming Lips (gf available)

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Spicy red pepper tuna, mozzarella, onion, garlic, Japanese mayonaise, chilli sauce, parsley, lemon wedge.

    • Greek Island Prawns (gf available)

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Prawns, kalamata olives, mozzarella, onion, sauce, roasted red capsicum, fetta, garlic, oregano, parsley, lemon wedge.

    • Hot Sweet Thai Chilli Prawns (gf available)

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Prawns, semi-caramelized onions, mozzarella, hot sweet Thai chilli sauce, sour cream, parsley, lemon wedge.

    • Janes Addiction (gf available)

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Garlic prawns, prosciutto (pork), mozzarella, cream sauce, parsley, lemon wedge.

    • Mediterranean Squid

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Squid, garlic, mozzarella, sliced tomato, kalamata olives, cream sauce, parsley, lemon wedge.

    • NY Salmon (gf available)

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Sesame seed rolled base, smoked salmon, mozzarella, cream cheese, leeks, whole egg mayonaise, garlic, parsley, lemon wedge.

    • Oysters Kilpatrick (gf available)

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Smoked oysters, sauce, onion, mozzarella, bacon, worcestershire sauce, parsley, lemon wedge.

    • Peri Peri Prawns (gf available)

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Prawns, mozzarella, olives, roasted mushroom peri peri sauce, parsley, lemon wedge.

    • Puttanesca (gf available)

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Garlic, sauce, mozzarella, capers, olives, marinated Fremantle sardines, oregano, chilli flakes, cherry tomato, parsley, lemon wedge.

    • Smoked Salmon (gf available)

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Smoked salmon, sauce, onion, mozzarella, capers, sour cream, poppy seed, parsley, lemon wedge.

    • Sub-Marine (gf available)

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Sauce, mozzarella, prawns, squid, smoked oysters, anchovies, sliced tomato, garlic, parsley, lemon wedge.

    • The Don (gf available)

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Fremantle sardines, mozzarella, sliced tomato, lemon myrtle, sauce, parsley, lemon wedge.

    • Tuna Mornay (gf available)

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Tuna, mozzarella, corn, onion, cream sauce, parmesan, garlic, parsley, lemon wedge.

    • Tuna on Wack (gf available)

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Garlic, mozzarella, tuna, red capsicum, leek, whole egg mayo, caraway seeds, lemon, parsley.

    • *Vegetarian Pizzas

    • Acropolis (gf available)

      LC $18 | BC $24

      Sauce, garlic, onion, mozzarella, sliced tomato, kalamata olives, fetta, oregano, parsley.

    • Carciofi (gf available)

      LC $20 | BC $26

      Baked artichokes, mozzarella, sauce, ricotta, parsley.

    • Chick Magnet (gf available)

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Toasted chick peas, garlic, cumin, spicey tomato sauce, mozzarella, yogurt, parsley zatar middle eastern spice mix.

    • Farmers Market (gf available)

      LC $22 | BC $27

      Chia seeds rolled into base, oven baked pumpkin, roasted red capsicum, marinated zucchini, mozzarella, oven roasted beetroot, garlic, yogurt, parsley.

    • GZ (gf available)

      LC $18 | BC $24

      Grilled zucchini, mozzarella, parmesan, cream sauce, parsley.

    • Margherita (gf available)

      LC $16 | BC $21

      Sauce, mozzarella, sliced tomato, basil.

    • MDG (gf available)

      LC $18 | BC $24

      Sun-dried tomato, mozzarella, grilled eggplant, sauce, ricotta, parsley.

    • Mushroom Records (gf available)

      LC $18 | BC $23

      Mushroom, mozzarella, parmesan, fetta, garlic, cream sauce, parsley.

    • Quattro Formaggi (gf available)

      LC $18| BC $24

      Ricotta, fetta, mozzarella, sauce, parmesan, oregano, parsley.

    • Saha (gf available)

      LC $19 | BC $25

      Grilled eggplant, mozzarella, cumin mixed spice, toasted pine nuts, tzatiki, peri peri sauce, garlic, parsley.

    • Smashing Pumpkins (gf available)

      LC $20 | BC $26

      Roasted pumpkin, cashews, mozzarella, parmesan, cream sauce, garlic, parsley.

    • Spanakopita (gf available)

      LC $19 | BC $25

      Spinach, mozzarella, onion, garlic, fetta cream sauce dill.

    • Tame Impala (gf available)

      LC $21 | BC $27

      Haloumi (Cypriot cheese), green impala peppercorns, garlic, cream sauce, oregano, mozzarella, lemon wedge.

    • Vegetarian (gf available)

      LC $18 | BC $24

      Mozzarella, onion, sliced tomato, capsicum, sauce, mushroom, garlic, Kalamata olives, oregano, parsley.

    • *Dessert Pizzas

    • Apple Strudel (gf available)


      Custard, sultanas, apple slices, icing sugar, cream, cinnamon.

    • Black Forrest


      Choc-cherry cake, dark chocolate, icing sugar, vanilla icecream, cherry syrup.

    • Caramello Sam (gf available)


      Custard, brown sugar, macadamias (nuts), almonds (nuts), cashews (nuts), banana, icing sugar, caramel sauce.

    • Carrot Cake & Wine


      Cinnamon based carrot cake, honey wine carrots, chopped pecans (nuts), cream cheese frosting.

    • Cherry Pie


      Vanilla dough mix, black cherries, vanilla ice cream and raspberry sauce

    • Cookies & Cream


      Vanilla sponge, choc chip cookies with vanilla ice-cream, chocolate sauce and sprinkled with cookies

    • Eskimo Joe


      Malt choc chip cookie mix, icing sugar, vanilla ice-cream, raspberry sauce.

    • Green Day


      Green tea cake, icing sugar, vanilla icecream, green tea sugar syrup.

    • Lemon Cheesecake


      Creamy cheesecake mix, crushed biscuits, icing sugar, strawberry sauce.

    • Little Boy Blue (gf available)


      Custard, apple, blueberries, vanilla ice-cream, cherry sauce.

    • Mudhoney


      Chocolate mud cake, honey, chocolate sauce, white milk and dark chocolate buttons, icing sugar.

    • New York Pecan Pie


      Butterscotch pudding, pecans, icing sugar and golden syrup

    • Red Velvet


      Rich red chocolate mix, topped with cream cheese frosting, dark chocolate, icing sugar.

    • Snowman


      Vanilla sponge, dark chocolate, shaved coconut, vanilla icecream, chocolate sauce.

    • Sticky Fingers


      Sticky date pudding, chopped dates, white chocolate, vanilla bean icecream, caramel sauce.

    • Strawberry Fields (gf available)


      Frangipani cake, strawberries, icing sugar, strawberry sauce, slivered almond (nuts), cream.

    • Sunday Bloody Sunday


      Vanilla dough mix, strawberries, crushed peanuts, chocolate sauce and icing sugar and ice cream

    • Tea Party


      French cinnamon tea cake, semi-caramalized pear, icing sugar, vanilla icecream, maple syrup.

    • White Stripes


      Vanilla sponge, raspberries, white chocolate and icing sugar


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